Android setup on Docker

Build Android with Docker


Clone this repository with this command:

git clone
cd ./crossbow/

To run an example Android application with docker you will need to following steps:

Download the Docker image:

docker pull

Run the following command at the root of crossbow project:

For unix systems (Bash):

docker run --rm -it -v "$(pwd)/:/src" -w /src/examples/macroquad-permissions build android --release

For Windows (PowerShell):

docker run --rm -it -v "${pwd}/:/src" -w /src/examples/macroquad-permissions build android --release

Install APK on connected Android phone via USB:

Follow the link to find out how to set up your device or android emulator

adb install ./target/android/macroquad-permissions/gradle/build/outputs/apk/release/gradle-release-unsigned.apk

Or transfer APK file to your phone with any application.