Crossbundle run command

Crossbundle run gradle

Crossbow default run process requires installed Gradle on your PC.

To create a project go to the example you want to build and use the command below. The command belongs to macroquad engine examples building:

crossbundle run android

# To specify custom export gradle directory
crossbundle run android --export-path=./gen/

By default run directory is target/android/<project_name>/gradle. But you can specify your own build directory via --export-path=<OUT_PATH> flag.

Crossbundle run native AAB/APK

If you don't want to use gradle you can specify it in strategy native-apk:

crossbundle run android -s=native-apk
# or do you need AAB:
crossbundle run android -s=native-aab

To find out available commands specify the -h flag.

crossbundle run android -h