Crossbundle build command

Crossbundle build gradle

Crossbow default build process requires installed Gradle on your PC.

To create a project go to the example you want to build and use the command below. The command belongs to macroquad engine examples building:

crossbundle build android

# To specify custom export gradle directory
crossbundle build android --export-path=./gen/

By default build directory is target/android/<project_name>/gradle. But you can specify your own build directory via --export-path=<OUT_PATH> flag. Go to the directory where Gradle project was built and use command below to manually install APK on the device.

gradle installDebug

Also you can replace build with run subcommand to build and run APK on your device (it uses installDebug command under the hood). To see how to set android emulator check install recommendations for linux-android, macos-android, windows-android.

Crossbundle build native AAB/APK

If you don't want to use gradle you can specify it in strategy native-apk:

crossbundle build android -s=native-apk
# or do you need AAB:
crossbundle build android -s=native-aab

To find out available commands specify the -h flag.

crossbundle build android -h